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Hortan Plains


Horton plains of Sri Lanka
Horton Plains of Sri Lanka
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The most famous place of foreigners in Sri Lanka is Horton plains. Horton plains are at Nuwaraeliya, Badulla and Rathnapura districts. There are two main entrances to this plain. Those are Pattipola entrance via Nuwaraeliya and Ambewela or Ohiya entrance via Welimada or Bandarawela. Large Savannah plains, Waterfalls, High pure water, Forests and several natural and high eco diversity areas are available to visit at Horton Plains. Horton Plains is controlled by Wild life department of Sri Lanka. Hoton plains are invented by Mr. Horton who was animal hunter in British governing period. Earlier this place is identified as ‘Maha Eliya’. Eliya means Plains and Maha means Big. In this case real meaning of this name is a Large Plain. This area is high more than 2300m above from sea level.
Visitors can’t access every area of the Plain. Visitors haven't permission to travel every place of Horton plains because some damages to endemic plants, some burns the grass grounds, some troubles to animals or some gets liquor on the plain. These items are prohibited at Horton Plains.
A lot of rivers of Sri Lanka are started from Horton plains. Water of this place is very cold and very pure. Everyday we can see many foreigners come to this place and search animals. Leopard is endemic to this place but search the leopard is very difficult task. Number of endemic flora and fauna are available in this plain. Walikukula (Jungle fowl), Horn lizard are most popular endemic fauna in this area.
Horton Plains of Sri Lanka
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Horton plains surrounded most popular and important mountains. They are Kirigalpottha Mountain (2nd in Sri Lanka) and Totupola Mountain (3rd In Sri Lanka). Accessing those in at this area is easier. About 10.5 Km needs to travel to the top of the Kirigalpottha Mountain. Totopula Mountain accessing way is at Pattipola entrance. Baker’s waterfall is popular waterfall which is at Horton Plains. Worlds End which is highest mist gap of Sri Lanka is also at this place.
If you will visit Sri Lanka don't miss this place because this place is very nice.

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